It can be tough to market and grow your business, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. Many businesses and organizations have increased their use of promotional products as sustainable and profitable marketing tools. Promotional Products have the ability (when used effectively) to improve your brand reach and overall reputation to your target audience. Kutting Edge has formulated a list below to outline how the investment of a Promotional Product campaign can provide positive dividends to your business.


Why Promotional Products are Effective Marketing Tools


  • BRAND EXPOSURE: There are 1000’s upon 1000’s of different promotional products, many that can be customized to exactly your vision. Because of their physical nature and the ability to be used continuously by their owner, promotional products are difficult to miss. A tote bag with your logo will surely get more attention than a newspaper ad and your clients will be able to get repeated use out of it!
  • PERCEIVED VALUE: Flyers have become less effective means of marketing because they are often ignored and thrown away. Promotional items like t-shirts or stress balls aren’t likely to get tossed because they are more like gifts than advertisements.
  • CREATIVE: Billboards, radio spots, newspaper advertisements, and television commercials are fine, but they’re not exactly original. Promotional products are not only more creative but also more tangible to customers. Promotional products continue to change quickly with trends and with more and more suppliers playing the game the sky is really the limit!
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Any experienced marketer can tell you about the high costs of traditional marketing methods, just this week I was asked to promote with for $300.00/month! Promotional items are available in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that there is something for any budget.

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