Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with millions of people from across the nation. Thousands of communities and organizations – encouraged by federal guidance and funding – are eager to show their unique take on life in Canada, with a multitude of wide-ranging events and programs, all supported by branded mementos, merchandise and giveaways. Decorate virtually any product with `Canada 150` logo and your custom logo! Contact us today for a free quote and virtual on any of the following items. Don’t see what you were hoping for? We can find it for you!

  • t-shirts starting at $5.00
  • hoodies starting at $22.00
  • mints starting at $2.00
  • hats starting at $8.00
  • rally towels starting at $2.50
  • water bottles starting at $1.50
  • stadium cups starting at $0.90
  • paper flags starting at $0.75
  • thunder stix starting at $2.20
  • lapel pens starting at $1.95
  • bumper stickers starting at $0.75
  • tattoo’s starting at $0.10
  • buttons starting at $0.48
  • frisbee’s starting at $1.00
  • note books starting at $1.75
  • playing cards starting at $4.00
  • lip balm starting at $1.67


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